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2019 MN Bills

2019 Legislature Bills to Follow for MnCCE – (The text and status of bills can be easily checked on the Legislature website. There is also a My Bills feature which allows you to list your bills and be notified when some action is taken) HF 40 – allows released felons to vote HF 45 –…

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MN Campaign Finance and Transparency 2018

During the 2018 election cycle in Minnesota, U of M professors Kathryn Pearson and  Larry Jacobs  gathered and analyzed data on campaign finance and transparency. Links to their five published conclusions appear below. Do you think you know which major party raised the most money? Which benefited most from “dark money” contributions? You may be…

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What Is Ranked Choice Voting?

by Jeanne Massey of FairVoteMN  Ranked Choice Voting (RCV) is a practical and effective solution to the dysfunction in our democracy. It is a well-established electoral system that gives voters more choice and more power, rewards candidates who find common ground, eliminates spoiler and wasted vote dynamics, requires winners to earn broad support, and increases opportunities…

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