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MnCCE Legislative Goals, 2019-2020

MN State Capitol

The 2019 legislative session is underway with bills flying into the hopper including a number that deal with campaign finance reform and redistricting. The eight member Clean Elections legislative team is organized and is being educated on the legislative process through Zoom meetings conducted by Common Cause Minnesota Executive Director Annastacia Belladonna-Carrera. We’ve identified 15 issues we…

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2018 Tax Day Rally Talk

I have a question today. My question is for the legislators who meet in our beautiful Capitol. My question is: “Whatever happened to “We the People?” Why do you fail to represent your constituents when it comes to money in politics? We know that over 80% of Americans and Minnesotans, Republicans and Democrats alike, believe…

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Promoting Democracy in Minneapolis

What if we could reduce the influence of big contributors, encourage more people to run for office, encourage candidates to look to the full electorate, increase the number of voters, encourage the media to follow all candidates, and give everyday people a bigger voice in Minneapolis elections. In short, create a more participatory and more…

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Every ten years, after the census, the Minnesota legislature is responsible for drawing new legislative and congressional districts in our state. While redistricting might sound like a ministerial duty, it is anything but. As it stands, drawing new lines produces a partisan political battle as legislators seek to preserve their seats and help their political party dominate the legislature.

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Iowa Redistricting

Iowa’s redistricting plan (Iowa Code §§ 42.1 – 42.6) was first adopted in 1980 and has been successful in having a proposed plan adopted quickly by the legislature and in avoiding judicial review. The plan has firm deadlines for actions by all participants. The plan is similar to H.F. 246 submitted in 2017 in Minnesota in having an independent commission appointed by the legislative leadership, but it is different in a significant respect.

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