Don’t Vote Like Wisconsin: Go Absentee

It certainly appears that voting in person this year in August and November will likely be less safe. I hate to think about giving up our tradition of voting in person on Election Day. But, realistically, most of us will need to learn how to apply for a no excuse absentee ballot, which can be done beginning May 13. The first stop is the website of the Secretary of State – — and click on Elections and Voting. After you successfully complete the application, you will receive confirmation on line. The ballot will come to you later in the mail. You will need a registered voter or a notary (often free at a bank or credit union) as a witness on the ballot. When you have completed the ballot, return it as directed, but keep in mind that it must be received before Election Day. This is pretty cool – you can track the status of your ballot on the website to confirm that it was received and counted.

What if you change your mind about your vote? You can request that your ballot be cancelled up to one week prior to the election. You can then vote in person or request another ballot. Also, very cool – you can apply to have an absentee ballot automatically sent to you before each election.

Please spread the word about voting this year on August 11 and November 3. Be sure to talk to friends and relatives even if it’s not in person. You can let them know that we can also register online and can vote early in person at the county election office, when hopefully there will be fewer people present. I can’t think of a more consequential election for our nation – and I’m old. But we will need to be a little bit more proactive this year and perhaps not just stroll into the polls to exercise our right to vote.

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