Fall 2021 “Clean Elections Advocate” newsletter now online

Don’t miss the fall issue of our quarterly newsletter, the Clean Elections Advocate. It includes a recap of the recent Wattson/Sturdevant webinar on the troubled history of Minnesota’s quadrennial redistricting and a proposed solution. The best solution is a national one that puts all states on an equal footing. And that’s in the Freedom to Vote Act that the Senate needs to pass. Soon. And there are other good things for democracy in the Act. We repeat: Pass it, please. Soon. Editor Ron Bardal weighs in on the filibuster. It’s not in the Constitution, but is in the way of–among things–passing the Freedom to Vote Act. Minnesota Senator Klobuchar has been on this case for months. Give her a thank-you call. Also of importance in the Advocate: We’re looking to add a paid position to our all-volunteer organization: Executive Director. This will require–here it comes–money. Contributions welcome. (Back issues of the newsletter are also available under the Resources tab above.)

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