Weekly update: more insurrection details plus actions to build democracy

What a sobering week! The hearings on the January 6th attempted insurrection have revealed just how close we came to losing our democracy because of the nefarious plotting of former president Trump and his enablers. Plus more testimony by former enablers who stood up for democracy at its darkest hour. The hearings this week included gut-wrenching testimony from elected officials who have been subject to abuse for refusing to abet the former president’s anti-constitutional schemes, and from citizen poll workers who have been targeted for death threats and home invasions because the former President falsely accused them by name of fraud. For the first time in our long history, the peaceful transfer of power was disrupted by the loser of a fair, clean and decisive election. Even worse, the effort continues in “a slow moving coup” attempt. Fortunately, leaders of both major parties are speaking out against this assault on American laws, democratic institutions and civil order. We can all help–we MUST all help–and this week’s Action Alert & News Update includes specific ways to act–by contacting our leaders, signing up to work at the polls in the fall, and joining in a new campaign to build a multiracial democracy.

June 16++