Nancy MacLean visit

Nancy MacLean, history professor and celebrated author, was scheduled to  visit to the Twin Cities  this summer.  Because of Covid-19, the in-person visit was canceled. Instead, Professor MacLean will speak about her book, Democracy in Chains, and take questions on September 30, 7 pm Central Time, via Zoom.

A factually rich, compellingly written, and deeply troubling study of the Koch-funded radical right movement, Democracy in Chains was a finalist for the National Book Award and the LA Times Book Award and winner of the 2017 Lannan Foundation Cultural Freedom Award. It was also named the “Most Valuable Book” of 2017 by The Nation and chosen as a favorite Book of the Year by The Progressive. Despite the obvious progressive/leftist accolades, MacLean considers her topic as more fundamental to democracy (small “d”) than an attack on a particular ideology “This is not about Ds and Rs,” she explained in a talk on the topic. It is “not even about liberals and conservatives in the old way. This is something new and different…a messianic plan decades in the making to fundamentally change the relationship between the people and our government.” The Zoom event will be free, registration required. Read the book, research the reviews, and mark your calendars.

September 30, 7 pm CT: Here’s a link to the Zoom registration page. Go there now and sign up!

Democracy in Chains