New Ways to vote for US President

If you’re dissatisfied with the current method of selecting a president, by which the winner in the Electoral votes sometimes differs from the candidate who wins the national popular vote, there are possible alternatives. Mark Bohnhorst, leader of Clean Elections MN’s presidential elections team, has been researching and promoting alternatives for several years. Here are two–neither of them requires amending the US Constitution to eliminate the Electoral College.

National Choice Ballot

The National Choice Ballot–also known as the Voter’s Choice Ballot– works like this: Each presidential ballot would include an option to vote for your choice among the listed candidates, just like the current system. But there would also be an option to vote for the winner of the national popular vote if your first choice doesn’t win. Sound intriguing? Click here to read Mark’s full explanation, which now includes an April 2020 Supplement with scenarios of how the Ballot might work. Do you have questions? Click here for answer to frequently asked questions, such as “Does this violate one person: one vote rule?” (Spoiler alert: Nope.)

National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

States who adopt the Compact agree that their electoral votes will go to winner of the national popular vote–regardless of who wins the presidential contest in their state. For the Compact to take effect, the states included must control a majority of the Electoral College Votes (270 votes out of 538). To read Mark’s complete explanation of the Compact, click here.

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