Our Work

1. Educate Clean Elections MN members and others:

We will hold educational events on issues that impact fair and transparent elections such as:

Protecting and expanding voter registration. This will include education about:
  • automatic voter registration
  • pre-age 18 registration
  • restrictions on voting, e.g. voter ID, provisional ballots, disenfranchisement of felons on probation or parole, etc
  • early voting
Redistricting in Minnesota
  • description of what redistricting is
  • demonstrate why it is vitally important
  • share what is happening around the country
Public Financing: describe the impact of public financing on clean elections
  • describe voucher system
  • describe MN’s contribution refund system
  • describe MN’s public financing of campaigns
  • share public financing in other states

2. Monitor Legislative Processes in 2018 Session

We will monitor legislative committees, hearings, etc. related to issues such as:

  • Public campaign financing
  • Blocking coordination between candidates and outside spenders
  • Redistricting
  • Prohibiting dark money
  • Promoting automatic voter registration
  • Curtailing revolving door of government officials (mostly elected) and regulatory heads becoming lobbyists

3. Develop Clean Elections MN Infrastructure:

  • Raise the public profile of Clean Elections MN
  • Grow membership
  • Raise sustaining funds for Clean Elections MN via grant proposals, donors and other means
  • Maintain communication structure including social media such as Facebook and our website