June-July 2022 “Clean Elections Advocate” now online

Now available: the June-July Issue of the Clean Elections Advocate.  Featured in this issue: Announcement of the national “Senior to Senior” campaign to encourage older voters to register young voters–a project of “Third Act,” a Bill McKibben venture to harness the expertise of the “over 60” crowd; Analysis of the “little red box” strategy some Democratic campaigners are using to sneak around the restrictions on collaborating with Super PACs; Reprint of founding member George Beck’s LET promoting the virtues of ranked-choice voting as a solution to extremist victories in primary elections; A review of Dionne and Rapoport’s book 100% Democracy promoting “civic duty voting”; And an editorial by Ron Bardal explaining the deleterious implications of the recent SCOTUS decision in Cruz v. FEC that allows unlimited reimbursement of a politician’s personal campaign loans after the election.

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