Election day is November 8, 2022.

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Minnesota’s elections are clean, fair, and secure.

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Election Resources

Read the Minnesota Reformer’s series to learn how about the security of our election administration.

Part 1: Who Does What?

What’s done by the state, the counties, the cities, and town

Part 2: Who Can Vote in Minnesota?

That’s a simple question with three not-so-simple answers: a constitutional answer, a legal answer, and a realistic answer.

Part 3: How and why polling places are computerized?

The foundational structure is built of paper: The signed voter certificates and marked ballots that provide a stable record.

Part 4: How absentee voting works

Every Minnesota voter has the option to vote absentee, [but] not everyone understands the safeguards that undergird this important means of voter participation.

Part 5: Reconciliation

In most polling places, the counts of ballots and voter receipts exactly match. But sometimes, even careful, repeated counts show a small difference.

Part 6: Post Election Checks

Post-election activities are essential to producing final, official, certified results that merit confidence. Nothing done quickly can have the same level of assurance.

Part 7: Recounts and Election Contests

Elections don’t just identify winners. They also persuade losers that they have lost. Everything discussed earlier in this series…plays a role in convincing losers of the reality of their defeat.

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