Clean Elections Minnesota has hosted a variety of educational webinars covering a span of issues that are critical to our democracy. Scroll below to watch past webinars.

How Public Match Programs Help Return Power to the People

How Will Artificial Intelligence Change U.S. Campaigns and Elections with Dr. Darrell West

Restore the Vote: Putting the New Law Into Action
With Secretary of State Steve Simon and Senate President Bobby Joe Champion

Is the Electoral College Outdated? A Discussion on a National Popular Vote

Defending Our Democracy: Fighting Against Voter Supression With Keesha Gaskins-Nathan

Protecting Our Vote: A Conversation about Protecting Voting Rights
With Senator Amy Klobuchar and Secretary of State Steve Simon

Will Your Vote Count in 2020? – A Conversation About Redistricting
With Lori Sturdevant and Peter Wattson

How American Democracy was Hijacked and What We Can Do About It With David Litt

Preserving and Protecting Democracy
With Representative Emma Greenman and Senator Jim Carlson

Democracy In Chains: A Conversation with Professor Nancy MacLean