Clean Elections Minnesota is working to protect our democracy and our legislative agenda for 2023 is full of bills working to do just that.

Protect and Expand Voting Access

Voting Restoration to Released Felons

Individuals convicted of a felony would have voting rights restored if no longer incarcerated and would not have them removed if given parole as a sentence. This would impact and restore voting rights for over 55,000 Minnesotans.

Automatic Voter Registration

Minnesotans who apply for a drivers license, state identification card, or state agency assistance or any other state registration where citizenship and state residency are required are automatically registered to vote.

Pre-Voter Registration for 16-17 Year-Olds

This bill would allow Minnesota citizens who have reached the age 16 to preregister to vote. However, they would not be eligible to vote until age 18.

Provide Voter Information Materials and Interpreters in Spanish, Somali, and Hmong

This legislation would expand access to information for folks for whom English is not their first language.

Criminalize Intimidation of Election Officials

This legislation would enhance restrictions on activities that could potentially harm election workers.

Free, Fair, and Equal Constitutional Amendment

Proposes an amendment to Minnesota’s constitution, “Elections shall be free, fair, and equal. No civil or military power shall, at any time, interfere with the free exercise of the right to vote.”

Structural Reform

Ranked Choice Voting

Ranked Choice Voting would be used in both primary and general elections for President, State Constitutional Offices, and Congressional Legislative Offices.

National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

Under the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, states would agree to give their Electoral College votes to the Presidential candidate having the most popular votes nationally, regardless of their state’s vote.

Campaign Finance and Disclosure

Banning of Foreign Corporation Campaign Contributions

Would ban donations to political campaigns or ballot issues from corporations which a single foreign citizen or entity owns more than 1% or two or more own more than 5% of the business.

Ban Private Legislator Events with Lobbyists

Would ban contributions from lobbyists at any time of the year that are used to provide special access to a meeting with legislators during a session where the public isn’t invited.

Democracy Dollars

Each voter would be given $25 coupons for contributing to campaigns of their choice. Campaigns would turn in public funds after an election.

Increase Political Contribution Reimbursement

Increase the PCR amount from $50 to $200.

Resolution to Overturn Citizens United

Urge the legislature to petition Congress to enact legislation overturning the US Supreme Court decision of Citizens United v Federal Elections Commission.

We are dedicated to educating Minnesotans about ways to maintain and enhance the democratic power of ordinary citizens.