Clean Elections Minnesota is driven by our values and beliefs that guide our work for the good of Minnesota.

Values and Beliefs

We believe in democracy.

Individuals convicted of a felony would have voting rights restored if no longer incarcerated and would not have them removed if given parole as a sentence. This would impact and restore voting rights for over 55,000 Minnesotans.

We believe in equity for all Minnesotans.

We value all Minnesotans. We are committed to equity in our actions and the outcomes we hope to achieve.

We believe in representation.

We believe that each person’s vote should count. We are committed to protecting and expanding individuals’ right to vote especially those who are underrepresented and have been historically marginalized.

We are committed to demonstrating ethical behavior.

We will act with honesty, transparency and credibility and will manifest our respect for all people through positivity, inclusivity, and engagement.

We are committed to making a meaningful measurable impact.

We will be reliable, mission driven, and focused on achieving results.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In keeping with our mission statement and values, Clean Elections Minnesota is committed to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive organization.  We will build action steps into our work to reflect these values.  We recognize that we cannot do this work alone and will find opportunities to work with individuals and organizations toward this goal.  We strive to create an organization that reflects the diverse communities in Minnesota and where everyone feels seen, heard, valued, and empowered to create a healthy democracy. 


We value the differences in race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity , abilities, and geography and will involve and reflect the communities we serve in our work.


We are committed to creating opportunities for all to participate in our democracy, especially for those who are underrepresented and have been historically marginalized.


We will create a culture where everyone feels valued and respected.

We are dedicated to educating Minnesotans about ways to maintain and enhance the democratic power of ordinary citizens.