Protecting Our Democracy

Minnesota’s elections are clean & fair

Accepting election results and the peaceful transfer of power after challenges have been resolved and system checks have been completed is a bedrock of our democracy. Minnesota is exceptional in this regard. In 2022, Minnesota was number one in voter turnout and rated number two in the country in the integrity and efficiency of our election administration.

Voter Turnout


Integrity & Efficiency



When fear or miscalculation leads established parties to bring extremists into the mainstream, democracy is imperiled.

Congresswoman Liz Cheney

Ballots Cast in 2022


Voter Fraud Convictions


We can trust our election results.

But our values and traditions are being attacked by wealthy special interests making disproven claims and politicians who have been influenced by them. They are proposing laws and policies that will make it harder to vote.

Some 3.2 million Minnesotans cast their ballots in the 2020 general election. Yet there have been only 17 convictions of voter fraud or since then.

Protecting our democracy depends on you.

We need to stand up and counter unfounded false narratives that cast doubt on our system and are trying to upend it. We need to join together to stop the politicians and billionaires who try to divide us and keep people engaged in order to make sure every eligible voter has a voice. 

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Election officials are your friends and neighbors. There's reason to trust what is a deeply patriotic process.

Judges do everything they can to ensure every eligible voter gets to cast a ballot. I trust the process, and I believe in the people who work tirelessly to make sure our elections are conducted with the highest level of integrity. Tina Rennemo, election official from Baudette, Minnesota.

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An opinion piece written by Clean Elections Minnesota Founder and Board Member, and former Campaign Finance Board Chair Judge George Beck.

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Let the voting begin—fair and secure: In our fractured society, trust in the vote is vital

Witte urges eligible voters to have a plan: register, research candidates’ positions, and vote. She advises candidates to fill out their bilingual voter guide questionnaires, so voters know their positions. To election workers: “Your role in upholding the accuracy of our elections has been proven time and again through the public accuracy tests and postelection public audits that occur in all our counties.”

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Treating the Voting Booth Like a Crime Scene

“Recent actions to increase the presence of criminal law enforcement in the election process are unnecessary given the rarity of election law violations.”

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How American democracy was hijacked and how we can take it back

Conversation with David Litt, former senior Obama speechwriter and author of “Democracy in One Book or Less–How It Works, Why It Doesn’t, and Why Fixing It Is Easier Than You Think”. Mr. Litt will be interviewed by Pulitzer Prize winning, former Star Tribune journalist, David Hage.

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'A Crisis Coming': The Twin Threats to American Democracy

“The first threat is acute: a growing movement inside one of the country’s two major parties to refuse to accept defeat in an election. The second threat to democracy is chronic but also growing: The power to set government policy is becoming increasingly disconnected from public opinion.”

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