CEM Legislative Team Guidelines

Guidelines for Clean Elections Legislative Team

Become familiar with Legislature website. Separate guide will also be available.

Start at the black border at the top of the website.

Become familiar with the House State Government Finance and Elections committee and the Redistricting committee. In the Senate, it’s the State Government Finance and Policy and Elections committee and the Redistricting committee. House/Senate/Committees.

You can print out their pictures! Committees/Committee List/(Committee name)/Members.

You can sign up on the list/serv to be notified when a hearing for your committee is scheduled. Committees/Home/(Name of committee)/subscribe. Very helpful.

Emails and phone numbers for legislators are at House or Senate/Members. Some legislators require use of a form to email them.

House or Senate/Committees/Upcoming Meetings lists all scheduled hearings.

Under Bills you will find all bills submitted by legislators this session.

Team to develop a sample message on 1/28 bill and later hearings. Bill summary for H.F. 9 is available.

Send emails and voicemails to committee members for 1/28 and later bills. I think its more effective not to mention CEM.

Ask to testify or submit written testimony for the hearing. You will need to notify the committee administrator. Written submissions have to be in PDF format with Optical Character Recognition Ability. See the hearing notice.

You may be able to watch and/or hear the hearing. See the hearing notice.

Possible hearings this session based on bills submitted to date: House – HF 9 (elections) – 1/28; HF 47 (National Popular Vote); HF 89 (ranked choice voting); redistricting reform. Senate – SF 5 (photo ID and provisional balloting); SF 30 and 75 (NPV); SF 173 (photo ID and provisional ballots; SF 179 (provisional ballot if you register at the polls; redistricting.