Presidential Election Reform: 2020 and Beyond

by | August 4, 2020 | For Your Consideration

How to elect a US President posed a unique challenge for the founders of a republic in the late 18th century. Their original proposal was soon altered by the 12th Amendment to the US Constitution. Since their, more than 700 proposals to change or eliminate it have been put before Congress. Are you concerned that their solution, the Electoral College, as it has evolved, does not count all votes equally and does not ensure that the winner of the popular vote necessarily becomes president? In 2020, a few thousand votes reversed from Joe Biden to Donald Trump could have resulted in the Electoral College vote once again putting a popular vote loser in the White House.
On August 13 of this year, Clean Elections Minnesota co-sponsored a colloquium of distinguished presidential election observers whose proposed remedies to the Electoral College dilemma range from abolishing the College by amending the US Constitution through strategies to ensure the Electoral College vote aligns with the national popular vote. The entire program is available here: 

Who: Among distinguished presenters are Walter Mondale; MN Secretary of State Steve Simon; Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold; Jesse Wegman, author, Let People Pick the President (2020); Alex Keyssar, author, Why Do We Still Have the Electoral College (published soon); John Koza, founder, National Popular Vote; Reed Hundt and James K. Glassman, founders, Making Every Vote Count; Mark Bohnhorst, former leader, Clean Elections MN Presidential Elections Team, and others.

Moderator: Andrew Brown, partner, Dorsey & Whitney

Founding Co-Hosts: Making Every Vote Count; Equal Citizens; Clean Elections Minnesota

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