Sample caucus resolutions endorsed by Minnesota Citizens for Clean Elections

Resolution I–
Whereas foreign contributions and/or expenditures as well as undisclosed
contributions and/or expenditures have undue influence on our elections; and
Whereas it is essential for voters to know the source of campaign contributions
and expenditures in order to make sound decisions;
BE IT RESOLVED THAT: We support State and local legislation, executive orders
and agency rule-making to
1) Require identification and disclosure of all sources, (including PAC, super-PAC,
corporate, union and individual) of contributions and expenditures; and
2) Eliminate loopholes which allow foreign money to influence elections.

Resolution II–
Whereas a CBS poll showed that 84% of Republicans, 90% of Democrats and
84% of Independents agree that money has too much influence in American
political campaigns; and
Whereas election outcomes should be determined by voters without undue
influence by Big Money;
BE IT RESOLVED THAT: We support legislation which
1) Establishes Campaign Finance limits for all federal, state and local candidates;
2) Establishes limits on out-of-state contributions to state and local candidates in
Minnesota; and
3) Promotes informed participation in the democratic process through public
financing for political campaigns and/or through small donor campaign
contributions such as matching funds, tax credits and small-donor-vouchers.

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