January 4, 2021. The January 4 MinnPost includes an article by Clean Elections Chair George Beck’s article about what Minnesotans want from the Legislature: an end to anonymous contributions (dark money), unlimited contributions, dominance by special interests, and gerrymandering.These are Minnesotans views expressed in responses to questions commissioned by Clean Elections for inclusion in the annual survey conducted by St Cloud State University. Read the article here.

Saturday, October 3: MinnPost publishes “If we want our government reformed, we first need elections reformed”: an article about our survey of all 2020 candidates for the Minnesota Senate to learn their support (or lack of it) for five democracy reforms we favor. ¬†Coauthors of the article: Tom Horner (former Independence Party candidate for governor; George Beck, Clean Elections Chair and former Chair, Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board; and Connie Lewis, Clean Elections board member and former VP, Planned Parenthood MN, ND, SD.

Wednesday, September 30: In concert with democracy-reform allies, Clean Elections Minnesota sponsored a Zoom conversation with Nancy MacLean, Duke University Professor of History and Public Policy and author of the prize-winning book, Democracy in Chains. She was interviewed by Dave Hage, Pulitzer Prize winning reporter (ret.) for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Click here to listen to the entire conversation. You’ll also want to buy the book. Cosponsors were Common Cause MN, American Promise, Minnesota Move to Amend, Indivisible MN 03, Plymouth Area Indivisible, Minnesota Peace Project.