Clean Elections Releases Results of 2018 Candidate Survey

In June of this year, Clean Elections MN volunteers distributed a three-question survey to roughly 400 candidates running for all state congressional offices, constitutional offices, US Congress, and in the special election for US Senate. Judicial candidates were not included. The survey was distributed by email, US mail, or on the telephone, depending on candidate contact information. Most who did not respond initially were contacted again. We received answers from 126 candidates providing yes/no responses to questions about the advisability of

  1. reversing the 2010 SCOTUS decision in Citizens United,
  2. providing some level of public financing of political campaigns, and
  3. requiring complete transparency for all campaign contributions.

The results are available in a Candidate Response Spreadsheet. We hope this well help you in deciding how to vote in the August 14 primary and the general election in November. On July 19, Clean Elections MN sent a press release about the survey to more than 100 news outlets around the state plus our nonprofit allies.

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