MnCCE Candidate Survey Results, June 2018

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Here are the full questions asked in the survey:
1. Do you support a Constitutional Amendment to reverse the Citizens United vs. FEC  Supreme Court decision?
2. Do you support full disclosure of political contributions including PAC's and Super PAC's?  "Full disclosure" shall mean advertisements, promotions and endorsements shall effectively display at least the top three (3) contributors.
3. Do you support political campaigns that are either fully or partially funded by the public?

Office DistrictPartyName of Candidate
* = incumbent
1. Constitutional Amendment? 2. Full disclosure?3. Publicly funded campaigns?
MN House03ADFLEcklund, Rob *YesYesYes
MN House03AGOPGoutermont, RandyYesYesYes
MN House05ADFLPersell, JohnYesYesYes
MN House06AGOPAnderson, Guy YesYesYes
MN House06BGOPTomczak, Skeeter NoYesYes
MN House06BDFLHaney, Shaun YesYesYes
MN House07ADFLSchultz, Jennifer *YesYesYes
MN House07BDFLOlson, Liz *YesYesYes
MN House08BDFLKulp, GailYesYesYes
MN House10BDFLYetzer, Phil YesYesYes
MN House11BGOPRarick, Jason *NoYesYes
MN House11BDFLBurkhardt, TimYesYesYes
MN House12ADFLSmart, MurrayYesYesYse
MN House13ADFLRead, JimYesYesYes
MN House13BDFLEverett, Heidi NoYesYes
MN House14ADFLPutnam, AricYesYesYes
MN House14BDFLWalgamott, Dan YesYesYes
MN House15ADFLMinzel, EmyYesYesYes
MN House15BDFLScapanski, Karla YesYesYes
MN House15BINDWilson, Myron NoYesYes
MN House15BDFLFiliaggi, Jessica YesYesYes
MN House16BDFLKimmel, MindyYesYesYes
MN House18ADFLVold, JustinYesYesYes
MN House18ADFLWright, Robert NoYesYes
MN House18ALibGalvan, JillYesYesYes
MN House18BDFLLatzke, Ashley YesYesYes
MN House19ADFLBrand, JeffYesYesYes
MN House19BDFLConsidine, Jack *YesYesYes
MN House20ADFLDröher Kline, Barbara YesYesYes
MN House22ADFLKaufman, Maxwell YesYesYes
MN House22ADFLAbrahamson, Brian YesYesYes
MN House23ADFLKlassen, Heather YesYesYes
MN House24BDFLMarthaler, YvetteYesYesYes
MN House25ADFLMahlberg, JamieYesYesYes
MN House25BGOPBush, Kenneth YesYesYes
MN House25BDFLSauke, Duane *YesYesYes
MN House26ADFLLiebling, Tina *YesYesYes
MN House27ADFLGjersvik, Terry YesYesYes
MN House28BDFLTrehus, Thomas YesYesYes
MN House29ADFLCardarelle, Renée YesYesYes
MN House29AGOPMcDonald, Joe *NoYesYes
MN House29BDFLMcGinty, SharonYesYesYes
MN House30ADFLHamlin, Sarah YesYesYes
MN House30BDFLFernandez, MargaretYesYesYes
MN House31ADFLBrown, BradYesYesYes
MN House32BDFLPeterson, JeffYesYesYes
MN House33ADFLThomas, Norrie YesYesYes
MN House33BDFLMorrison, Kelly YesYesYes
MN House34ADFLSolon, DanYesYesYes
MN House35BDFLEckhardt, KathrynYesYesYes
MN House37ADFLKoegel, Erin *YesYesYes
MN House37BDFLMalik, AmirYesYesYes
MN House38AGOPRunbeck, Linda *NoYesYes
MN House38BDFLWazlawik, Ami YesYesYes
MN House38BGOPAnderson, Patti NoYesYes
MN House39ADFLMozey, Ann YesYesYes
MN House40AGOPTrue, DavidNoNoNo
MN House40ADFLNelson, Michael V. *YesYesYes
MN House41AGOPErickson, Susan NoNoYes
MN House41BINDUtz, TimNoYesNo
MN House42ADFLMoller, Kelly YesYesYes
MN House42BDFLBecker-Finn, Jamie *YesYesYes
MN House43ADFLFischer, Peter *YesYesYes
MN House44ADFLKlevorn, Ginny YesYesYes
MN House44BDFLAcomb, PattyYesYesYes
MN House45ADFLCarlson, Lyndon R. *YesYesYes
MN House46AGOPMcCusker, Luke YesYesYes
MN House46ADFLWinkler, Ryan YesYesYes
MN House46BDFLYouakim, Cheryl *YesYesYes
MN House47ADFLGerold, Madalynn YesYesYes
MN House47BDFLLeggett, Donzel YesYesYes
MN House48BDFLKotyza-Witthuhn, Carlie YesYesYes
MN House52AGOPArntson, Beth YesYesYes
MN House53ADFLXiong, Tou YesYesYes
MN House53AGOPDahn, Bill YesYesYes
MN House53BDFLSandell, Steve NoYesYes
MN House54ADFLClaflin, Anne YesYesYes
MN House54BDFLFolch, Tina YesYesYes
MN House55ADFLTabke, Brad YesYesYes
MN House56BDFLMann, Alice YesYesYes
MN House58ADFLWilliams, Maggie YesYesYes
MN House60BDFLJeramillo, Angelo YesYesYes
MN House60BDFLNoor, Mohamud YesYesYes
MN House60BDFLPasha, Haaris YesYesYes
MN House60BDFLPreston, Joshua YesYesYes
MN House60BGOPPatiño, JosephNoYesYes
MN House61BDFLLong, JamieYesYesYes
MN House62ADFLKader, JenYesYesYes
MN House62ADFLFateh, OmarYesYesYes
MN House62ADFLAhmed, Osman YesYesYes
MN House62AGOPLundeen, Bruce YesNoYes
MN House62ADFLOrtega, MargaritaYesYesYes
MN House63ADFLDavnie, Jim *YesYesYes
MN House65BGOPStokely, MargaretNoYesNo
MN House66AGOPHeyer, JonYesYesYes
MN House66ADFLHausman, Alice *YesYesYes
MN House67ADFLMahoney, Tim *YesYesYes
MN House67BGOPTurk, FredNoNoNo
Atty GenMNDFLEllison, KeithYesYesYes
Aty GenMNDFLRothman, MikeYesYesYes
Aty GenMNGOPAnderson, Sharon YesYesNo
Aty GenMNMarijJohnson, Noah YesYesYes
Aty GenMNDFLFoley, TomYesYesYes
Aty GenMNDFLHilstrom, Debra YesYesYes
AuditorMNDFLBlaha, Julie YesYesYes
AuditorMNLibDock, Chris NoYesNo
US HouseMN 1DFLMinehart, Colin YesYesYes
US HouseMN 1GOPWilliams, Steve YesYesYes
US HouseMN 3DFLPhillips, Dean YesYesYes
US HouseMN 4DFLHassan, Muad YesYesYes
US HouseMN 4MarijPendergast Sindt, Susan YesYesYes
US HouseMN 4DFLRossell, Reed YesYesYes
US HouseMN 5DFLAnderson Kelliher, Margaret YesYesYes
US HouseMN 5DFLAbdulahi, Jamal YesYesYes
US HouseMN 5DFLDrake, Frank NoYesNo
US HouseMN 5GOPChamberlin, Chris YesYesYes
US HouseMN 5DFLTorres Ray, Patricia YesYesYes
US HouseMN 5DFLOmar, Ilhan YesYesYes
US HouseMN 5GOPZielinski, Jennifer NoYesNo
US HouseMN 6GOPKern, A.J. YesYesYes
US HouseMN 6DFLTodd, IanYesYesYes
US HouseMN 8DFLRadinovich, Joe YesYesYes
US HouseMN 8DFLKennedy, Kirsten YesYesYes
US HouseMN 8DFLLee MN, Michelle YesYesYes
US HouseMN 8GOPRobb Welty, Harry YesYesYes
GovernorMNDFLMurphy, Erin YesYesYes
GovernorMNDFLWalz, TimYesYesYes
GovernorMNDFLSwanson, LoriYesYesYes
US SenateMNGOPAnderson, Merrill YesYesNo
US SenateMNDFLEmery, Stephen A. No
US SenateMNGreenOverby, Paula YesYesYes
US Senate specialMNMarijWellington, Sarah YesYesYes
US Senate specialMNDFLIverson, Gregg A. YesYesYes
SOSMNDFLSimon, Steve * YesYesYes
SOSMNGOPHowe, JohnYesYesYes
SOSMNINDDenney, William YesNoYes

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