Redistricting Webinar with Peter Wattson and Lori Sturdevant

On September 28, Peter Wattson explained the process of drawing new district maps based on population changes determined by the 2020 census. Responding to questions posed by journalist and author Lori Sturdevant, Wattson clarified the importance of the redistricting process, sketched its checkered history in Minnesota, explained the political pressures that drive interested legislators to distort maps in the interest of themselves and favored constituents, and described a process that could eliminate the inherent conflicts that drive legislators. The entire webinar is available on YouTube: Click here to watch. To study Peter’s Powerpoint slides click: MN Redistricting 2021-09-28 full-page color.

A handout is available here:”MN Redistricting 2021-09-28 B&W handout.

Redistricting is not only a crucial element in keeping our democracy consistent with changes in population, it has elements of drama and intrigue. Check it Wattson and Sturdevant’s excellent show. And then contact your legislator to weigh in. (See below for details on participation.)

Democracy depends on all of our efforts.

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