2019 MN Bills

2019 Legislature Bills to Follow for MnCCE –
(The text and status of bills can be easily checked on the Legislature website. There is also a My Bills feature which allows you to list your bills and be notified when some action is taken)
HF 40 – allows released felons to vote
HF 45 – automatic voting registration
HF 983 – cities can adopt ranked choice voting
HF 1018 – Five judge redistricting commission
HF 714 – no limit on contributions during session
HF 1605 – redistricting commission with both judge and public members
SF 124 – automatic voting registration
SF 189 – National Popular Vote
SF 253 – allows for preregistration of voters- to-be at age 16
SF 690 – corporate contributions must be subject to individual income tax
SF 785 – allows voters to wear political apparel at the polls
SF 1186 – campaign spending limit increase with high independent expenditures
SF 2255 – Constitutional amendment to create a redistricting commission independent of legislature

What we are waiting for – resolutions to Congress asking for an amendment to reverse Citizens United; disclosure of contributors for so called “issue ads”;

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