The Advocate, February & March 2022

by | February 2, 2022 | The Advocate

Upcoming Events

January 2022

  • Jan 31: Start of MN legislature’s 2022 session

February 2022

  • Feb 1: 2022 precinct caucuses
  • Feb 14: Mary Hartnett becomes half-time CEM Executive Director
  • Feb. 15: Deadline for new district maps (may be missed)
  • Feb. 16: Democracy Talks discussion group (Zoomed)
  • Feb. 17: CEM Board meets (Zoom)

Goals & Actions

February Goals
Hire CEM Executive Director and bookkeeper

February and March Actions
CEM members testify at legislature on bills pertaining to elections

Mary Hartnett Becomes Clean Elections Minnesota’s Executive Director

Clean Elections Minnesota is very pleased to announce that Mary Hartnett will become our first Executive Director, effective February 14, 2022.

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2021 State Law Changes to Voting Processes

A recent letter to the Minneapolis Star Tribune questioned the need for Federal voting rights legislation. The system of electing presidents, in the writer’s view, has worked for more than two centuries; “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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Are We Doomed to Have Corrupt Leaders?

Cynicism can be fun…and nothing gives a political cynic more delight than repeating, with a world-weary sigh, a version of Lord Acton’s famous line, “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” That withering aphorism underlies the title of Brian Klaas’s fourth and most recent book, Corruptible.

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Sign the Petition

Help keep Minnesota's elections clean & Accessible

Your vote is your voice and every voice should be heard. Whether your issue is reproductive rights, education, inflation, climate change, reducing gun violence or making housing more affordable, you need to be able to vote to build power to make change.

Sign the petition to keep Minnesota's elections clean, transparent, and accessible by all.

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Aug/Sept Advocate Now Available

The Aug/Sept Advocate is here. Now that the primaries have wrapped up, it's all about November's mid-term elections. We have a conversation about voter suppression with Keesha Gaskins-Nathan, Democratic Practices Director of the Rockefeller Bros Fund, coming up in...

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